uninstall qTranslate – How to fully uninstall qTranslate

uninstall qTranslate – How to fully uninstall qTranslate

In this post we will show you How to fully uninstall qTranslate, hear for “How to fully uninstall qTranslate we will give you demo and example for implement. Fully uninstall qTranslate by undoing the content mangling!

uninstall qTranslate process and uninstall qTranslate instraction

qTranslate could be a WordPress plugin meant for creating the creation of multilingual content as simple as operating with one language. nice in construct however it causes nothing however grief once you try and half ways in which with the plugin.

It works by storing all of the translations along within the title and content fields of the information, separated by special text tokens. once you take away the plugin, it’s not there to intercept the_content() decision and take apart the text thus you finish up with all the translations being shown promptly. To be honest, I cannot suggest this plugin till the storing of translations is separated from the most content.

It’s implausibly tedious to travel through all of your posts removing the translations manually, thus I actually have written a script to alter the method of removing all the translations apart from the content in one languages that you simply would like to retain. you’ll freely use the script as you see match. All I raise is that my disclaimer stay enclosed. must you feel thus inclined on offer American state a shout regarding changes and additions, even higher.

*Updated with MBString calls for multibyte character support
*Code is un-maintained, and only tested against QTranslate 2.5.32

Here Download qCleaner

BACK UP YOUR DATABASE! WordPress has a beautiful export tool.

  • Configure the script. Open the script and set the variables at the highest to purpose the script at the WordPress info yet as instruct it on that language you’d prefer to retain. It’s well marked.
  • You square measure close to delete all content translations however the content within the such language.
  • Run the script, via either program line or HTTP request.

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