How to install Laravel 9

Install Laravel 9 – How to install Laravel 9

Install Laravel 9 – How to install Laravel 9

In this post, we will give you How to install Laravel 9, hear for How to install Laravel 9 we will give you details about it.

How to install Laravel 9
How to install Laravel 9

You can see that “laravel/laravel” includes “laravel/framework 9.0” and it requires PHP version ≥ 7.4 and PHPunit 9. Laravel 8 is supporting also PHP version 7.3. So if you are planning to use Laravel 9 next September, check your PHP version.

PHP 8.0 Required For Install Laravel 9

Laravel 9.x requires a minimum PHP version of 8.0. Laravel now requires PHP 8.0.2 or greater.

To install Laravel 9.0 you need to launch composer create-project as usual and then you need to application using bellow command, So open your terminal OR command prompt and run bellow command:

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app-9

Install Laravel UI,
Let’s run bellow command to install laravel ui package by bellow command:

$ cd laravel-dev
$ php artisan –version
composer require laravel/ui

Now you can start to play with the new features of Laravel 9.0 (the features that are already pushed on the master branch).
You can launch the local webserver:

php artisan serve

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