NgTableTree – Angular Table Tree

NgTableTree – Angular Table Tree

In this post we will show you NgTableTree – Angular Table Tree, hear for NgTableTree – Angular Table Tree we will give you demo and example for implement.

See a lot of angular material based on the table-tree components, JS files need to be defined in the table column attributes, trouble not to say, and HTML attributes defined in JS, always inconvenient to maintain the code is also very ugly.


NgTableTree defines a tableTree directive that uses the $ compile recompile the HTML template file to be displayed inside the instruction, so we can define the template directly in HTML.

Hear is Git hub like for Download, Demo and for information(Read More), it will help you into development and implement for NgTableTree – Angular Table Tree. This link of git will give you document, instruction, installation and other information.


Angular Tree Visualizer Plugin – onlinecode

<h3>Angular Tree Visualizer Plugin - onlinecode</h3>

<table table-tree="tree" init-expand="true" expand-indent="10">










<tr tt-template>

<td tt-expand>{{ **.name }}</td>

<td>{{ **.address }}</td>

<td>{{ **.age }}</td>

{{ **.contact }}
<ng-md-icon icon="info" style="fill: #ccc; vertical-align: middle;" size="16">
<md-tooltip>please contact me with {{ **.contact }}</md-tooltip>





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Hope this code and post will helped you for implement NgTableTree – Angular Table Tree. if you need any help or any feedback give it in comment section or you have good idea about this post you can give it comment section. Your comment will help us for help you more and improve onlincode. we will give you this type of more interesting post in featured also so, For more interesting post and code Keep reading our blogs

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