Magento – customer details – Full Name, First Name, Last Name and Email Address

Magento – How to Get Logged In customer details – Full Name, First Name, Last Name and Email Address

This post is use for get detail of Logged In customer details in Magento. In this post we check Customer is login or not, if Customer is login then we call function get_customer_detail(), It will tack all detail of Logged In Customer.

// function to get user detail
function get_customer_detail()
    // get current user detail
    $_customer = Mage::getSingleton('customer/session')->get_customer();
    // remove comments for show all detail of Customer
    // echo "</pre>
    // print_r($_customer);
    // echo "</pre>";
    // basic detail of customer
    echo $_customer->getPrefix();
    echo $_customer->getName(); // Full Name
    echo $_customer->getFirstname(); // First Name
    echo $_customer->getMiddlename(); // Middle Name
    echo $_customer->getLastname(); // Last Name
    echo $_customer->getSuffix();
    // other customer details
    echo $_customer->getWebsiteId(); // get ID of website/store
    echo $_customer->getEntityId(); // get Entity Id
    echo $_customer->getEntityTypeId(); // get Entity Type Id
    echo $_customer->getAttributeSetId(); // get Attribute Set Id
    echo $_customer->getEmail(); // get customer email Id
    echo $_customer->getGroupId(); // get customer Group Id
    echo $_customer->getStoreId(); // get customer Store Id
    echo $_customer->getCreatedAt(); // get Created date(yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
    echo $_customer->getUpdatedAt(); // get getUpdated date(yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
    echo $_customer->getIsActive(); // customer is active 1 or 0(not active)
    echo $_customer->getDisableAutoGroupChange();
    echo $_customer->getTaxvat();
    echo $_customer->getPasswordHash();
    echo $_customer->getCreatedIn(); // get Created In
    echo $_customer->getGender(); // get customer Gender
    echo $_customer->getDefaultBilling(); // get Default Billing
    echo $_customer->getDefaultShipping(); // get Default Shipping
    echo $_customer->getDob(); // get customer Dob (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
    echo $_customer->getTaxClassId(); // get TaxClass Id

// check user is login or not
echo "user is already login";

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