How To send emails using Node.js with Nodemailer npm

How To send emails using Node.js with Nodemailer npm

In this post we will give you information about How To send emails using Node.js with Nodemailer npm. Hear we will give you detail about How To send emails using Node.js with Nodemailer npmAnd how to use it also give you demo for it if it is necessary.

How To send emails using Node.js with Nodemailer npm

In this Node.js tutorial, I will tell you how to send email in Node.js using Nodemailer module.

This makes it very easy to send emails from node application.

You can easily installed the Nodemailer module using npm command with Node.js

Nodemailer is licensed under MIT license.

The best thing is it support unicode, that means you can use any characters including emoji.

You can send raw text as well HTML content.

You can embed images in HTML, and also can add attachments to messages.

Nodemailer support different transport methods – SMTP, Sendmail and Amazon SES.

In this example, I am sharing simple code to send email in node application using Nodemailer module.


Run following command to install Nodemailer :

npm install nodemailer --save

Require the Nodemailer module in your js file :

var nodemailer = require('nodemailer');

  1. functionsendMail(to,subject,message)
  2. {
  3. var smtpConfig ={
  4. service:'Gmail',
  5. auth:{
  6. user:'',
  7. pass:'xxxxxx'
  8. }
  9. };
  10. var transporter = nodemailer.createTransport(smtpConfig);
  11. var mailOptions ={
  12. from:'"Sender Name" <>',// sender address
  13. to: to,// list of receivers
  14. subject: subject,// Subject line
  15. text:'Hello world ?',// plaintext body
  16. html: message // html body
  17. };
  18. transporter.sendMail(mailOptions,function(error, info){
  19. if(error)
  20. {
  21. return console.log(error);
  22. }
  23. else
  24. {
  25. return console.log(info.response);
  26. }
  27. });
  28. }
  29. var message ='<p>This is HTML content</p>';
  30. sendMail('','Welcome to onlinecode',message);
function sendMail(to,subject,message) 
   var smtpConfig = {
      service: 'Gmail',
      auth: {
          user: '',
          pass: 'xxxxxx'
   var transporter = nodemailer.createTransport(smtpConfig);
   var mailOptions = {
      from: '"Sender Name" <>', // sender address
      to: to, // list of receivers
      subject: subject, // Subject line
      text: 'Hello world ?', // plaintext body
      html: message // html body
   transporter.sendMail(mailOptions, function(error, info){
         return console.log(error);
         return console.log(info.response);
var message = '<p>This is HTML content</p>';
sendMail('','Welcome to onlinecode',message);

Now you can use above function in your node application to send email using Nodemailer.

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