How to Resolve PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR in Firefox? Quick Solutions

How to Resolve PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR in Firefox? Quick Solutions

We have numerous browsers, one of which is Firefox, preferred by millions of users. And as with any other browser, errors may occur in it. Well, browsers get infrequent errors, but yeah, they arise. One of the errors is PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR. Generally, this error occurs when the server terminates the SSL connection unexpectedly. That’s why one of the great ways to ignore this error is to install an SSL certificate on your website.
As versatile technology is getting day by day, errors are all the way taking a leap in our everyday lives. And small issues like code error code: pr_end_of_file_error can be easily resolved. How to Fix PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR in Firefox you ask? We are going to get answers in this blog.

Let’s understand this error code first. 

What is the PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR Firefox Error?

PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR is an error that occurs when a browser is unable to establish a connection with a website. The error shows on the user side and is associated with the cipher suites.  What are cipher suites? 

It is an algorithm utilized to secure the network connection over the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. When Firefox attempts to generate an SSL connection, it passes through a cipher suite sequence. When a relevant suite is generated, users are good to go. 

The PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR Mozilla error is a distinct type of secure connection error experienced in various browsers. Here, the issue is created by a 3rd party or an incorrect configuration within the browser itself, or the problem lies with the configuration of the browser.

While it doesn’t always appear, it generally affects all sites the user tries to visit when it shows up.

Why Does the “Firefox PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR” occur?

The error code: PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR in Firefox occurs due to problems during the SSL/TLS handshake approach, which is responsible for establishing a secure connection between your browser and a web server. There could be multiple reasons for the cause of file error:  

  1. SSL/TLS Certificate Issues

The server’s SSL/TLS certificate might be terminated, self-signed, or not appropriately configured. This can cause Firefox to discontinue the connection.

  1. Network Issues:

 Network connection issues, such as a fragile or unstable internet connection, can cause incomplete data transmission, triggering this error. 

  1. Firewall or Security Software Interference

Some security software or firewalls might interfere with the SSL/TLS handshake procedure, failing the connection. 

  1. Browser Cache and Cookies

Cached data or corrupted cookies can sometimes lead to SSL/TLS errors, causing pr end of file errors, which are present in browsers.

  1. Proxy Server Misconfiguration

In case you are using proxy servers, those could be misconfigured or experiencing issues, leading to problems with the SSL/TLS handshake.

  1. Incorrect System Date and Time

When your time settings are propers within the system, it can cause SSL certificate validation problems.

These are the possible causes of the pr_end_of_file_error Firefox that you might face. Although there are others, we are covering these ones in the blogs.  

How to Fix pr_end_of_file_error  in Your Firefox Browser?

As we have listed possible causes for pr end of file error, let’s find solutions. There could be multiple ways you can avoid error codes.

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

It is one of the basic steps. Check your internet connection and its speed. Make sure it is stable, and there are no disruptions. This will avoid the error code. 

  1. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

While you use it frequently, it may have saved lots of corrupted cookies and cached data, which leads to SSL/TLS data. Clear all the caches and cookies from browsers. 

  1. Check the System Date and Time

Ensure the date and time on your system are set accurately. SSL certificates have expiration dates, and if your system’s clock is significantly off, it can cause certificate validation problems.

  1. Update Firefox

 Check for any updates remaining in the Firefox. Outdated browsers may have known security vulnerabilities.

  1. Disconnect VPN/Proxy

Some of the proxy servers or VPNs block secure connections, leading your browsers to believe that relevant cipher suits don’t exist. Disconnect those servers and then reconnect websites.

  1. Reset Firefox SSL Settings

As we have discussed earlier, modification in SSL settings can also cause the error. This is an easy fix. You can refresh the Firefox from the settings and try refreshing the error page. 

Remember, if you’re uncomfortable modifying your browser settings, it’s always a better choice to seek assistance from a knowledgeable friend or a professional. Also, ensure you’re using safe browsing practices and exercise caution when interacting with websites, especially if you receive SSL/TLS errors.

Wrapping up

As we now know, the causes and problems of error codes. Although it is harmless, we should know how to solve pr_end_of_file_error. We have included solutions like checking the internet connection, clearing browser cache and cookies, etc. These are easy and accessible solutions you can perform by yourself. Also, it is never harmful to reach experts if you are unaware of the cause. 


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