creating Custom WordPress Shortcodes using PHP

creating Custom WordPress Shortcodes using PHP

Reating Custom WordPress Shortcodes using PHP
Reating Custom WordPress Shortcodes using PHP

What is Shortcodes In WordPress ??

In WordPress shortcodes is a text patterns (with opening and closing square bracket tags like html tag) in post content which replaced by php functions of plugin before displaying to the user in forent-end. By using post code we can pass valu and also return valu in post.

Example For ::

[demo url="hhttp://www.onlinecode/example/googles-recaptcha-php-code-example"]Demo[/demo]

The above shortcode is converted to something like this by a PHP function

<a href="http://www.onlinecode/example/googles-recaptcha-php-code-example">Demo</a>

WordPress Built-In Shortcodes method ::

WordPress by default provides meny default shortcodes method which you can use in plugin. Here is a list of wordpress built-in shortcodes in WordPress.

Creating over own Shortcodes in WordPress ::

We can also register our own shortcodes. Register a similar kind of shortcode as mentioned above use this code Put/add this code in theme or plugin files.

*  first attribute is the passed array of attributes of the shortcode
*  second attribute is the content inside the shortcode tags

function demo_callback($atts=null, $shortcode_content=null)
    // converting array into variables instance

    // print HTML code hear
    return "<a href='." $url ".'>." $shortcode_content ".</a>";

*  register a shortcode har
* first argument is shortcode name
* second argument is php function for the shortcode
add_shortcode("demo", "demo_callback");

Displaying Shortcodes text In Posts/page ::

Sometimes we might want to display the shortcode text itself in the post/page. In that case we can wrap the shortcode inside square brackets.

[[demo url="http://www.onlinecode/example/googles-recaptcha-php-code-example"]Demo[/demo]]

shortcode will display instead of executing callback and displaying function output.

Availability Of Shortcode ::

Shortcode is default cannot be used in widgets(widget text), comments(on front end or backend comments editor) and excerpts. We can enable/active usage of shortcode in those areas also by adding this code ::

*  stops wordpress from wrapping shortcode tags separated -
*  into multiple lines inside paragraph tags.
*  For more infomation check this url-
// shortcode widget_text
add_filter( 'widget_text', 'shortcode_unautop' );
// shortcode comment_text
add_filter( 'comment_text', 'shortcode_unautop' );
// shortcode the_excerpt
add_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'shortcode_unautop' );

// enable/active shortcode in widgets
add_filter( 'widget_text', 'do_shortcode' );

// enable/active shortcode in comments
add_filter( 'comment_text', 'do_shortcode' );

// enable/active shortcodes in excerpt
add_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'do_shortcode');

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