Bootstrap 4 Custom File Input Button Text

Bootstrap 4 Custom File Input Button Text

In this post we will give you information about Bootstrap 4 Custom File Input Button Text. Hear we will give you detail about Bootstrap 4 Custom File Input Button TextAnd how to use it also give you demo for it if it is necessary.

In this quick tip article, we’ll see how to use custom text and styles with Bootstrap 4 file input.

Bootstrap 4 File Input

HTML file input enables you to upload one or multiple files such as images or import data from files.

Bootstrap 4 Basic and Custom Input

Bootstrap 4 enables you to use two types of file inputs which are basic and custom inputs.

You can simply add the .form-control-file to your <input> element for a basic file input.

For the custom file input, you need to add the .custom-file-input class to the <input> element and the .custom-file-label class to the <label> element.

This a basic Bootstrap 4 file input example:

<divclass="form-group"><labelfor="input1">Example file input</label><inputtype="file"class="form-control-file"id="input1"></div>

This is a second example with a custom file input:

<divclass="custom-file"><inputtype="file"class="custom-file-input"id="customInput"><labelclass="custom-file-label"for="customInput">Select file</label></div>

Customize the File Input with Bootstrap

You can use the Bootstrap 4 classes and CSS to customize the custom file input.

Let’s take the following example:

<divclass="container"><labelclass="custom-file"for="customInput"><inputtype="file"class="custom-file-input"id="customInput"aria-describedby="fileHelp"><spanclass="custom-file-control form-control-file"></span></label></div>

This is the CSS code for customizing the file input:

#customFile.custom-file-control:lang(en)::after{content:"Select file...";}#customFile.custom-file-control:lang(en)::before{content:"Click me";}

Displaying the Selected File Name with JavaScript

You can display the selected file name with JavaScript.

Let’s assume we have a custom-file-input element with label that is the next sibling element to the input.

We can use the following JavaScript code for displaying the file name after selecting a file”



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