Angular wizard Component demo and example

Angular wizard Component demo and example

In this post we will show youy how to implement Imhere Angular Wizard Component, hear we will give you how to code and dome for Angular Wizard Component.

Imhere-Angular-wizard is a segment that will make it simple for you to make wizards in your application. You can check a running case of the wizard.

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How would we add Imhere Angular Wizard Component to over venture?

we can download this given way for Angular wizard Component :

  • Using arbor and running thicket install imhere-precise wizard
  • Using npm and running npm introduce imhere-rakish wizard
  • Downloading it physically by getting the documents from the dist folder

The dist envelope contains the accompanying records for Angular wizard Component :

  • JS records required for the orders and services
  • CSS records with default styles for the directive

Conditions for Angular wizard Component

  • Imhere-Angular-wizard relies on upon Angular.
  • Starter Guide
  • First example

The principal thing we have to do is add a reliance to imhere-precise wizard module which is called imhere-rakish wizard.

We can do this essentially by doing for Angular wizard Component :

// set angular module
angular.module('your-application', ['imhere-precise wizard']);

Presently, in some HTML for a controller, you can simply include a wizard as takes after:

<imhere-wizard on-finish="app.finish()" >
<div class="row div-wizard">
<div class="col-md-12 div-wizard">
<imhere-step-btn ng-repeat="step in [1,2,3] track by $index" step-index="$index"></imhere-step-btn>
<div class="col-md-12 div-wizard">
<imhere-step title="Default step button">
<h1>Default step button</h1>
<p>You have continued here!</p>
<imhere-next>NEXT </imhere-next>
<imhere-step title="Step1">
<p>You have continued here!</p>
<imhere-step title="Step2">
<p>Click Complete will trigger onFinsh function</p>
<p>display what you want</p>

This will resemble the accompanying when you're in the second step for Angular wizard Component :

We should go well ordered to perceive how this functions.

  • You need to announce an ace imhere-wizard order. This wizard order, has the accompanying alternatives as characteristics:
    • on-finish: Here you can put a capacity to be called when the wizard is done. The linguistic structure here is fundamentally the same as ng-click
    • set-principle color: Here you can set the wizard fundamental shading style.
    • set-principle drift Color: Here you can set the wizard catches float shading style. Default darken(main-color).

2)imhere-step, Inside the wizard, we can have the same number of ventures as we need. Each progression MUST have a title which will be utilized to distinguish it. Inside each progression, we can put whatever we need. Different mandates, ties, controls, frames, and so on. Each progression can have the accompanying qualities (we will really expound on each further underneath):

  • title: An exceptional title utilized for identifying each step.

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