Laravel PHP Framework – onlinecode

Laravel PHP Framework – onlinecode

In this post we will give you information about Laravel PHP Framework – onlinecode. Hear we will give you detail about Laravel PHP Framework – onlinecodeAnd how to use it also give you demo for it if it is necessary.

Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel is a PHP Framework, created by Taylor Otwell and main advantage with php that all services is open source so Laravel is a open source. Laravel is used for the web application development following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

Packages of Laravel is awesome and freely downloadable.

Laravel provide awesome tools which is needed for large and robust applications.

Laravel is a main member of a new generation of web frameworks. Documentation and tutorials are very easy provided by the laravel on it’s official website.

Why should we choose Laravel ?

I have already define reasons for using laravel but now we are going to take closer look about laravel feature which developers love.

  • Laravel Routing is very simple and clean, you can easily understand the routing functionality with elegant options
  • Laravel Eloquent ORM provide awesome implementation to work with database, each database table has a related ‘Model’ and model name is identify the database table name.

    The lower-case, plural name of class is used as table name unless you have to specify the table name in your corresponding model by protected $table.

    For Example, you are created a table name with ‘users’ so you have to specify you model name with ‘User’.

    By Default Laravel assume that each database table has a primary key with column name id, you can also define manually in your model by protected $primaryKey

  • Laravel has powerful Blade Template Engine.
  • Database seeding is a way to populate database tables with custom data that can be used for module testing.
  • You don’t have to design custom pagination because laravel provide automatic pagination which simplifies the task of implementing pagination.
  • You can easily install third party libraries by Composer. Using Composer, you can include libraries in project.

You can easily download laravel project by running composer command in your terminal

Click here to see the Laravel 5.2 CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) Example from Scratch

Framework Winner by Country :

Country Name Total Votes Favorite(Work) Votes Favorite(Personal) Votes
US 819 Laravel 219 Laravel 293
Czech Republic 770 Nette 611 Nette 639
UK 496 Laravel 138 Laravel 166
Germany 428 Symfony2 76 Laravel 100
France 343 Symfony2 149 Symfony2 136
Brazil 305 Laravel 100 Laravel 111
India 287 Laravel 62 Laravel 77
Ukraine 263 PHPixie 66 PHPixie 67
Indonesia 242 CodeIgniter 77 Laravel 64
Russian Federation 235 Yii 2 53 Yii 2 72
Poland 216 Symfony2 52 Symfony2 46
Netherlands 209 Laravel 64 Laravel 84
Romania 183 Symfony2 49 Symfony2 48
Canada 138 Laravel 40 Laravel 52
Spain 131 Symfony2 47 Symfony2 43
Vietnam 112 Laravel 34 Laravel 43
Iran 101 Laravel 34 Laravel 35
Italy 100 Laravel 20 Laravel 25
Australia 99 Laravel 30 Laravel 39
Slovakia 94 Nette 48 Nette 47
Belgium 79 Laravel 26 Laravel 31
Serbia 78 Laravel 20 Laravel 29
Hungary 73 Laravel 17 Laravel 19
Turkey 71 Laravel 26 Laravel 28
Mexico 68 Laravel 22 Laravel 21
Bulgaria 66 Laravel 13 Laravel 20
Lithuania 65 Symfony2 22 Laravel 26
Thailand 58 CodeIgniter 14 Laravel 16
Pakistan 57 CodeIgniter 14 CodeIgniter 13
Philippines 54 Laravel 15 Laravel 16
Argentina 52 Laravel 16 Laravel 21
Bangladesh 51 Laravel 18 Laravel 16
Belarus 51 Symfony2 20 Symfony2 19
Portugal 50 Laravel 12 Laravel 17

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Laravel PHP Framework


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For More Info See :: laravel And github

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